How To Create The Last Duel Illustration

Hi, welcome to our second posts of our blog list, today we show you step by step on creating the last duel illustration .

1. Create a Sketch

Using blob brush tool, create a base sketch for the illustration, I am using a blue color so we can see the sketch line clearly when we go to the inking process.

2. Brush Setting

For the blob brush tool setting double click the blob brush icon, and choose size 9 with pressure setting chosen on the dropdown menu and variation at 9pt. You will need a tablet with pressure pen such as wacom or Huion in order to have this setting to work.

3. Start Inking

Start Inking by following the sketch that we created in the first step, make sure you create new layer and organize them by naming the layer into each category.

4. Layer Orginizing

Always put the inking layer on the very top of the layer stack, hide the sketch layer and put them in the bottom, color layer should be organized according to the sequence of the coloring i.e base color always below the highlight and the shadow layer.

5. Coloring

The are many ways coloring in Ai, this one is very easy, using the same blob brush setting, pick any color you need in the color swatch and start coloring, for more details on the coloring process you can check the video at the bottom of this article.

6. Add Details

Now that we have done all the process, its time to add details to the drawing such as backgrounds or title text.

7. Video Tutorial Process

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